Do I have to pay to have a Realtor to buy a house?

My buyer's agent services are complimentary for all MLS listed homes.  

Do I have to pay if the house I want to buy is a FSBO?

I make every attempt to work with property owners who are trying to sell the house themselves.  If property owners are unwilling to work with me, I will be unable to represent the buyer in the transaction.

Do I need an agent to visit a builder?

Would you go to court without your attorney?  Always, always, always call me before setting foot into a model home or registering on a builder's website.  If not, you could be giving up your right to representation.

Are Open Houses necessary?

No.  Open houses aren't necessary nor are they necessarily the best way to sell your home. 

I'm not ready to sell/buy today. When should I contact an agent?

As soon as you are thinking of buying or selling, contact me.  Whether buying or selling, it is better to be ahead of the game.

Which home improvements will give me the best ROI?

Many clients want to know that their money is being used wisely.  Click to see which home improvements have the best ROI.

Best Improvements for ROI